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Il metodo scientifico secondo Francis Bacon e Karl Popper

Francis Bacon All'uomo è consentito di procedere dapprima soltanto per negazioni, e soltanto alla fine per affermazioni, dopo che tutte le esclusioni sono esaurite.

Francis Bacon (Francesco Bacone), 1561-1626.



Karl Popper The task of science is to formulate universal propositions; that it is impossible to prove the truth of an universal proposition, but it is possible to disprove or falsify it; that the best strategy for a scientist is to formulate each proposition so that it will survive the most stringent tests he can devise; and that, when the proposition fails, he formulates a new proposition that passes all the previous tests, and thus begins anew, the cicle of conjecture and refutation.

Karl Popper, 1902-1994.

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